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We believe that our plans will only take root and succeed by a collaborative effort involving local supporters, businesses and landowners working together with Stow CLT and the local authorities.


There are many different ways in which people can become involved, including:

  • Considering the donation or economic sale of land and/ or premises to Stow CLT to be used to provide truly affordable housing

  • The making of key gifts or donations to Stow CLT to enable us to expand our work

  • To consider creating TAF housing opportunities with existing care homes or other businesses in the area

  • Legacies in favour of Stow CLT, bequeathing either assets or land

  • Pro bono services, including design, legal, accounting, building and fit-out work

In return for such involvement, there are a whole range of benefits, including:

  • Donors will be making a real and acknowledged contribution to our local society

  • Tax and Gift Aid benefits will be available for charitable contributions

  • Sellers of land may achieve a planning uplift to its value, while still selling it to Stow CLT at an affordable price

  • Provision of accommodation for essential key workers will, in the case of co-operative partnering projects, achieve a greater degree of efficiency and sustainability of staffing through loyalty and continuity

  • Naming rights will be available for significant donations or contributions

  • If funds are raised by Stow CLT through a Community Share Issue, this would provide the opportunity for an investment return.

An application form to join can be found here.

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