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Our aim is to begin by building a small, best in class, energy-efficient development of truly affordable housing (TAH) in or close to Stow.


The land and/or premises would ideally be gifted or bought for a reasonable price (but potentially at a premium to agricultural value) while keeping the overall development cost to a minimum. Cotswold District Council has confirmed that “exception site” status would be granted to Stow CLT for the right TAH proposal.


As one of the biggest constraints is the high cost of development land in or near Stow, we are considering a whole range of options, including conversion of current agricultural land to “exception site” status for the building of TAH, or possibly partnering with existing businesses to accommodate the required key workers.

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All the illustrations on this page show examples of the style of housing we would like to develop, and have been kindly provided by Tyack Architects of Moreton-in-Marsh who own the copyright.

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