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In line with the primary policy to cater for Stow’s particular mix of housing needs, our design concept mirrors this by encompassing variety.


As previously indicated, our concept is to plan and build small, best in class, energy-efficient TAH developments in addition to 1, 2 and 3 bed apartments, in or close to Stow, and as shown below, to blend in with Stow’s historic Cotswold architectural style and character.















We are also looking forward to fulfilling our broader vision of creating larger developments, by converting existing light industrial and/or redundant farm buildings. Aside from delivering standard housing units, such projects could also include live/work and small workshop/studio units to encourage ‘makers and menders’ to live and work in our area.

University Farm Entx2x300dpi.jpg
watercolour aerial2.jpg
aerial watercolour copy.jpg

All the illustrations on this page show examples of the style of housing we would like to develop, and have been kindly provided by Tyack Architects of Moreton-in-Marsh who own the copyright.

Providing truly affordable housing in Stow

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